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16.03.2009 в 22:59
Пишет Darya-marshmallow:

Вечер Соркина
О том, что артисты забрали с сета Западного Крыла))) Элисон со своими рыбками такая прелесть)
"The framed "Bartlet for America" napkin is on the wall in Tommy's office. I was given the door to the communications offices and it's now my office door (the glass door to the Sports Night bullpen is now the door to a storage closet at my office) and I have John Spencer's chair.

Matthew Perry took Teddy Roosevelt's Nobel Prize, Allison has a goldfish bowl, Dule has a carving knife and Janel has video of Yo Yo Ma walking the set, pumping his fist in the air and shouting "Donna rules!" Martin has one of the pens that Mrs. Landingham kept in stock for him as well as a couple of cartons of letters from MS sufferers and their families.

I have a hunch there are pieces of wardrobe that never quite made it to a warehouse.


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